Name that Mod – The Definitive(ish) List of All Mod Names


Oh, hello friends. In a recent survey of why you like Modify (that I made up in my brain) the results were

1) Michelle is awesome
2) Every. Single. Mod. Has. A. Name. And your creativity is mind-blowing

a) The Black-and-Blue is “The Bar Fight”

b) The purple and purple polka is “1999”

c)The Argyle+Crimson is “Maroon 6″

3) Aaron is from Cleveland and Cleveland is awesome. Ohio!

Soooo, here’s *the* list of Mod Names.

You’ll see the folks who helped to “Name that Mod” in column E. A few things for you to do

1) Browse and Enjoy
2) If you have suggestions for better names, click here
3) If you named a watch and we didn’t give you credit, let us know!!!

Check it out here!!! And if you have a clever idea for one you 

Don’t forget about the Mod of the Month Club, where you can get huge deals and collect all 2,000 named watches :)

Mod of the Month Club. Lots of watches, lots of names

Mod of the Month Club. Lots of watches, lots of names

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