Modify’s E-Commerce Update

Big news ModiFamily, do you know where Modify was spotted online? We will give you three guesses of where you can pick-up your next mod fix (and no cheating on Facebook). Okay, time’s up.

Modify Watches are now available on! Schweeeeet! This means you can now find our dope, interchangeable, water proof watches through one of the largest online retailers in the world. Click on over to check out Modify on Why not add one (or three) to your mod collection. And while you’re there, it would be MUCH appreciated if you left a quick review.

amazon modify

Amazon is known as an early leader of the online retail space, creating a platform that made online shopping more convenient. You can buy everything from clothes and shoes to groceries… and now Modify Watches. The bare necessities of life, right there on Amazon. Or should that list include food, water, shelter, and oxygen? I am sure mods are on there somewhere.

Anyway, we are excited that Modify Watches are now available online through Amazon, in addition to direct on our own website.  In fact, Survey Monkey’s Vice President, Brent Chudoba, recently blogged about both Amazon and Modify as being examples of innovative online retail models. Here is the excerpt from Survey Monkey’s with their comments on our Mod-of-the Month Club:

[Companies that deal with physical goods and materials have] turned what was previously a frustrating retail-shopping experience into a hassle-free (and even fun) online shopping experience. Amazon was the pioneer in this category. They proved to the consumer that purchasing items from clothing and personal accessories to home appliances and entertainment can all be done online and much more efficiently than purchasing within a brick and mortar space.

Although this trend isn’t a new one, its full potential is still yet to be realized. When you look at a company like Modify Watches and see how they were able to create a subscription service for a new watch every two to three months, it proves just how powerful e-commerce and subscription models can be when they join forces. It’s changing the way that businesses evolve and in how they are addressing consumer needs.

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