How Modify’s McQueen Watch Got Its Name

McQueen cover photo

Dope Watches can only have ultimately dope names. And that’s the case for the McQueen. It’s simple, it’s classic, and it’s quintessentially cool. Who else fits this bill? Steve McQueen, Mr. King of Cool.

This is a man who knows how to wear a watch, even when he isn't wearing one

Whether he’s great escaping from a WWII POW camp or saving a village from Calvera, he gets things done.  If Steve had an interchangeable watch, there’s a good chance he’d choose our McQueen. It fits his cowboy hat tipping ways.  The late McQueen once said, “there’s something about my shaggy-dog eyes that makes people think I’m good”. There’s something about this interchangeable watch that makes people think it’s good too. So whether you’re motorcycle racing, San Francisco chasing, or sitting at your desk Wikipedia-ing McQueen, this is the kind of cool you want nearby.

Check out this famous scene—you can almost see our San Francisco office.

It’s a big watch for a big time personality. If McQueen saw the watch today we hope he’d say, “This watch is dope!”, or at the very least “this watch has a cool name”.


Modify's McQueen Watch
“The McQueen” is made for those who live life on the right side of cool, but aren’t afraid to sleep on the left side of the bed.








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