Modify Finishes Top-12 in Zazzle Open Innovation Challenge

Zazzle + Modify Watches

Modify Watches is a winner!!!

Just not the biggest winner.

But still a winner!

Modify found out last week that Zazzle had selected Modify Watches and 12 others as finalists for the Million Dollar Zazzle Open Innovation Challenge.  While we were not selected among the five top finishers, we were given Honorable Mention, which although it does not come with cash prizes, it is of course better than a kick in the pants.

We’d like to think this is a reflection not just on our innovative style and designs, but also how we leverage all of the insights from the ModiFamily and their phenomenal participation through Facebook.  Hopefully they also appreciated our innovative Watch of the Month Club and QR Code Watch.

A big thanks to Zazzle and their innovative team for considering us in this competition!

Oh…what would we have done with a million dollars?  Same thing we always do… try to take over the world!!!!



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