Modify Yo’ Mama This Mother’s Day

modify yo mama

We have something special for all the mothers out there.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about Mother’s Day for a minute. Why do we celebrate it? Let’s admit it, the mothers in our lives have done a lot for us; the good ones that is.

They’ve spent a good chunk of time carrying us around in the womb. They nursed  us and cared for us when we physically unable. Once we were potty trained, they began teaching us how to live and grow up in this world.

We all have fond memories of our mothers. What memories would you like to share?

I remember when my mother taught me how to read, pray, forgive, serve, and work hard.

Did you know that Mother’s Day became an official holiday in 1912? It’s always the 2nd Sunday in May and it’s customary to honor the mothers in our lives in some way, shape or fashion. I usually honor my mother by spending the day with her and giving her some sort of a card.

When I was younger we used to make our cards by hands at school and give our mothers a homemade gift of some kind. Do you remember doing that? It was always something crafty.

Reach out to your mother this Sunday May 12th and let her know you care about her. She’ll appreciate it.

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