Modify Teams Up With Artist KC Green

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We love artists, and when we came across KC’s work we knew we wanted to work with him. Luckily, he loved us right back. After working with him on designs, we’ve officially launched a fan voting contest, which you can enter here through Twitter. We need your help on deciding which design we should put up for sale, so go vote! You can also win the winning design by voting. The graphic and asks are included below, along with a write-up KC provided us. Check him out:

“I’m KC Green. I used to do a big weird comic called Gunshow. I still do big weird comics, but they’re not called Gunshow anymore. It’s all over the place. My designs are based on a coupla stuff from my sketchbooks, the enjoyment of drawing weird, ugly hands over and over again, and that one meme that is going around of the dog on fire saying “this is fine,” which was from my comic, “Gunshow.” That one was kind of a no-brainer to include in these pitches, really.” ~ KC


Head to Twitter to complete these steps & win!


P.S. we don’t normally cite Buzzfeed (who does?), but they named KC’s Gunshow as one of the best web comics you need to read! Buzzfeed just got infinitely cooler in our book. :)

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  1. The dog on the stool watch is great.

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