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My name is Aaron Schwartz and I’m a co-founder of Modify Industries, Inc., makers of Modify Watches ( Hoping not to have any more boring sentences in this entire post (nor future ones), so please feel free to keep me in check in the comments.

I’m going to use this blog to give insights into our company, the team, and what it’s like to grow from a $1,000 company to a $10,000,000 one (Stretch Goal: 2012).

Gary Coover and I started talking about Modify Watches in April 2010 when he presented the idea of selling super-cool interchangeable watches. Originally we were called The Swap Watch (Because the watches are swappable!). Fortunately for us, there’s a company out of London with that name. So we changed it to Modify. We incorporated as Modify Industries, Inc. and not Modify Watches, Inc. for three reasons

  1. We hope to build great rapport with our customers and develop a brand in customer co-creation beyond just watches
  2. I was a history major and like the creative feeling conveyed by all things industrial
  3. My favorite jacket is from Brooklyn Industries and I think their brand is dope

The pictures below are from when we first launched in July 2010. Our first online customer was Michael Rosskamm (a pity purchase for having beaten me up in my youth). Our first order of the Kitchen Sink (everything we had at the time) was from Kent Newman (kid just knows fashion when he sees it).

Future posts may or may not be so staccato. Check us out at

  • @ModifyWatches
  • (~1,500 Fans and growing daily)


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