Modify Watches Introduces America Time – The New USA Watch

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U. S. A! U.S.A! USA Watch! (It’s limited edition, so get yours now!)

Four score and seven years…actually, scratch that. Just a few weeks ago, we (Modify HQ) decided to make an America Time (‘merica Time) watch. With the 4th of July, elections, and the Olympics this year, it’s a good time to be patriotic.  Ashil created three fresh watch designs and our ModiFamily headed to the polls on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and voted on their favorite USA face.  Out of the three perfectly patriotic options, the ModiFamily picked this one as their favorite.

USA Watch faces were put to the vote and the Modify Family chose the winner!

Here is the real-life USA watch on two ModiFamily members:

ModiFamily members rockin' the America Time watch

And where can you wear the USA watch? We came up with a few democratically chosen options. (Unfortunately it was a democracy of one)

  • Elections
  • Olympics
  • Holidays
  • When you’re traveling abroad
  • When you’re traveling…back in time to sign the Constitution
  • When you’re taking a quiz on flags

So in case you’re jetting off to the London Olympics or you’re racing to your living room to turn on your TV, we’ll make sure you’re armed with your red, white and blue.  They’re limited edition though, so make sure you get yours before it’s too late.

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