Modify Watches X Dev


We’re excited to announce brand new designs from our collaboration with Dev! The designs are available at and are 30% off through Sunday when you enter in the code DEV at checkout.

Dev was inspired by her two recent EPs Bittersweet July and Bittersweet July Pt 2 when making her DEV Collection of Modify watches. Pulling from songs like the recent single “Honey Dip ” and the up-tempo song “Parade” were obvious choices for the singer because both songs are sassy and colorful, much like the watches themselves. The Rica Lyfe logo corresponds to the singers new brand and store of the same name Rica Lyfe is an attitude…it’s a way of living. Not letting anyone or anything dictate your sense of self or style. And finally the newly designed DEV logo was a fun way of incorporating the singer’s style with the watch faces. Hope you enjoy!DEV_social

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