Modify Watches x Chic Steals Collaboration Video Sneak Peek


Hello, Modify fans and everyone in the ModiFamily! I run the fashion and DIY blog Chic Steals and first came in contact with the Modify brand in October after attending a blogging conference. The affordability, the awesome packaging, the cool watch colors, the interchangeability of the Modify watches and the great customer service made me fall head over heels for the company.

Plus, the concept of showing your uniqueness through customizing your fashion accessories? A perfect match for my blog, which focuses on being fashionable and chic for a mere steal.

So I began formulating an idea for creating a fun, short-form promotional video to showcase this fun and FABULOUS watch brand to a fashion-loving audience. Since mid-December it’s been in pre-production, and we have on-board a team of experienced crew (we have numerous production credits, incuding TV series such as Lost, Portlandia, and Grimm, as well as other independent feature and web series).

We shot at a gorgeous apartment in Portland’s trendy Pearl district, completing a full day’s shoot in late January with a crew of 6 plus the GORGEOUS and talented Meredith Adelaide as our actress. (She’s an up-and-coming model/actress/photographer/singer in the band Josh and Mer – and you may have noticed her in episodes of both Portlandia and Grimm recently.)


The whole crew was posting updates throughout the day on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #modifywatchespromo, and I posted some behind-the-scenes sneak peeks on my Instagram as well.  What could be better than gorgeous fashion, a fun day shoot, a talented and upbeat crew, and Modify Watches, the BEST COMPANY EVER to partner with to do all this??!

Just look at those colors!! Go Modify!!


Stay tuned for the finished video, coming up soon! Can’t wait to hear what all you Modify fans think :-)



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