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As always, these are actual Modify reviews from actual ModiFamily members (mainly moms, who seem to loooooove Modify as gifts for themselves and their husbands (and yes, sometimes their kids)
The Brave Ski Mom
Highlight: “What’s cool is that every watch face can be put into every strap, so they are also interchangeable. They’re cute, bright and fun and you can match them to your ski coat or your helmet. They also make great gifts.”

Mom Most Traveled
Highlight: “I got a crazy cool watch from Modify Watches that I “designed” myself. I have worn it all over the place engaging in various activities such as vogueing, pondering, walking, eating stuff, and enjoying a Jamaican sunset in Negril.”
3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires
Highlight: “Modify Watches are super cool, interestingly unique, interchangeable watches for adults. Get them to match your favorite team, outfit, or just to make a statement.”

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