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Modify Watches - Watch of the Month Club

There are a lot of “of the Month” clubs out there.  Wine. Fruit. Cigars. Babies (Beanie Babies of course).  All of these clubs are nice, but none of them really tickle the fancy. Maybe the universe is short on tickled fancy because there aren’t enough Watch of the Month Clubs. Until now.  As you likely heard from all of your friends, the blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook or God’s divine messenger, your friends at Modify Watches have introduced a Watch of the Month Club.

Your initial hunch is correct – this is pretty sweet – but the time for moving is now if you want to get in on January shipping.  Plus, the first 50 who join get a discount (on the already discounted club membership) to the tune of an extra $10 off.

You may be wondering – “do penguins really not have knees?”  But more likely, you’re thinking to yourself, why should I join the Modify Watch of the Month fiesta?  Well, me made an infographic to answer that question:

If we had to summarize the above in 16 words, we’d say “The awesome, get whatever you want, every month, free shipping, sweet discount, bucket full of hotness.”

One more thing: why the Prepaid MOTMC Subscriptions at the bottom? 2 reasons:

  1. Even more savings if you’re that Jesse Spano‘d about the MOTMC
  2. Awesome gifts for loved ones. You can find gifts for enemies here

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