ModiFile: Erik the 5-Tool Player


Sometimes, your first day on a job is seamless. But sometimes, it can turn into the real life manifestation of a reset switch.

“I started the week after Modify was on Good Morning America,” said Erik Kriessmann. “I came into the office and Aaron [Schwartz, CEO] was like, ‘Wear shorts.'”

“I was like, ‘Wear shorts?’ He’s kidding right? So I come into work wearing corduroys, you know, pretty nice clothes, and he’s like, ‘You’re gonna be sweating man.'” We had about 2,000 orders to fulfill within two days. I ended up rolling up my pants, taking off my shoes and socks.”

But after Erik, a recent graduate of UC-Berkeley, shed the rigid fashion choices, he excelled quickly. He started in July, now he’s heading up Modify’s new licensing agreement with Major League Baseball.

“I do a little bit of everything, but now I’m in charge of doing all the analysis for MLB, as well as talking to all the teams, trying to get into their dugout stores.”

Oh yeah. In case you hadn’t heard, Modify has a pretty sweet deal with MLB for 2014. And Erik was at the heart of it.

“We went to Orlando for the retail summit, which was cool,” he said. “All the teams were down there, all the executives, all the licensees. We had our booth, and all the teams were coming around, we talked about the watches, gave them a watch to put on.”

“Originally we thought, ‘Hey, we’ll go down there, we’ll sell some watches.’ Then, we realized it was better to just give away our watches to the teams. They would wear them, we figured.”

And wear them they did. By day two, all the teams were showing up to meetings with companies like Nike and Majestic — the quote unquote “big boys” of licensing — with Modify Watches en wrist.

“So we had some pretty cool buzz, you know.”

Less than a year ago, Erik, whose favorite Mod (at the moment) is the Oski with Clear Mist Strap, was taking notes on business strategy and marketing techniques.

Now, he’s working with Major League Baseball. It’s ok to be jealous.

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