Introducing Modify Computer

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We changed the game in 2010. Some people thought that watches had jumped the shark. They hadn’t until we came along and helped them jump it.


Well, in 2015, we finally ran into competition worthy of us. A little company that has products assembled in China but designed in some west coast state was all like, “We’ll see your superior watch, and we’ll raise you (rose?) gold plating”.

Now it’s time we hit back. Introducing, Modify Computer.

Modify Computer


We’ve got MAD (Modify Assured Destruction (of our enemies)) features

  • box-like look
  • Modular components probably
  • Optional keyboard
  • link to Wikipedia
  • 1 cloth for cleaning if you touch the screen by accident
  • hypoallergenic
  • fewer buttons (option to have more buttons)
  • so many memory
  • hot-keys for links to the entire Segal collection

Here is the premiere of our commercial


Shots fired. Don’t bark at the big dog or the big dog will bark back in a louder fashion with obviously better stuff





  1. Louis says:

    Pre-orders ? Where do I sign up ? This might just be the best invention since slide bread !

    hypoallergenic —> the reason Im in !

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