Modify 2.0 has launched. Now the whole family can enjoy dope interchangeable watches

A few days of around-the-clock work (Ashil takes the east coast days, Sean takes the west coast nights, Aaron sits in a lounge chair in Hawaii…). And now, finally, it’s official. Modify 2.0 is here! So what’s there to see? What’s there to know?

1,000,000,000’ish choices [because these are interchangeable watches]

Same company, new homepage. Still selling watches...

Water- and Slate-Resistant

1 new teammate, Alicia Keeffe. Crussssssshing it in the ATL

We’re not very good at multimedia here, but we produced a little clip about our Modify 2.0 color selection, which you can find here. Once you’re satisfied, make sure to visit our site to build your own watch collection!

Plenty more to come, will keep y’all in the loop!


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