[This post is written by Gary Coover, he of the hollow leg]

As a warning, I posted this photo once on our Facebook wall, but I thought the story was worth being told in full.  So please excuse the sentimentality – I’ll be sure to fill the next post of mine with snark so pure that even the snarkiest will be satisfied.

retro jokes!

That said… In the year-plus since Modify was started, there have been many moments along the way that reinforce the belief that we may be on to something really great.   A lot of those moments come from time spent working with an inspiring group of teammates to turn pie-in-the-sky ideas into pie-in-the-sky reality.  However, many other such moments come from interacting with ModiFamily members and sometimes even my own family members.


To let you in a bit on me, I have been characterized by most, and not unfairly, as a terrible gift giver.  Sometimes I give great gifts, sometimes I give gifts on time, but never ever do I do both at the same time.  I have many convenient excuses for this (“I’d rather get the right thing late than a bad gift”, “I didn’t know Christmas was in December this year”, etc.), but really I’m just a bit of a jerk and need to improve on this.

So last Christmas, after a couple of years of marginal gifts that made the recipient hope we were playing “white elephant”, I needed a hit.  To make up for the fact that I was gift-giving from a far (I’m living and working in Korea), I decided to add a big bag of just-released Modifies to the mix, in the hopes of dazzling the Coover-clan with the Modify mojo.

 Since I wasn’t there, I missed the reaction to the watches and just hoped that the fam enjoyed them, rather than using them for tree ornaments.  However, my gift giving history suggested that tree ornaments was a best-case scenario.

Gifting Accomplished

Fast forward to February and I was able to take a weekend off on a business trip through LA to go see my family in Palm Springs.  I wanted to surprise my 90 year-old Nana when I arrived and was told she was asleep in her bedroom.  When I walked in, not only did she look amazing as ever – Nana is the matriarch of the family and one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met – but lo and behold she was wearing a Modify.

The answer to the question: "What do you get when you mix classy with dope?"

Seeing Nana with a Modify (silver face, white strap – perfect for looking regal on any occasion) was one of the coolest moments I’ve had at Modify, as it made me proud to know that I could help create something that appealed to my little niece, my brother, my parents and my Nana at the same time, but in different ways.

Last year – Modify watches for all.  This year – maybe Modify rocket packs?  Let’s get to work team!

Signing off from K-Town,

Gary (Assistant to the Regional Manager)


  1. Gary says:

    Dear Gary – I thought this blog was really hilarious and inspiring. Speaking for all of the Modify readers, I hope that you will post more so that we don’t have to read Aaron’s blogs.

    Yours truly,


  2. Gonzalo says:

    Dear Gary,

    Your story was really inspiring… In particular, I wanted to ask you if modify is selling the customizable action figure tree decorations… You guys are truly gift giving visionaries!


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