MLB Spring Training – Instant Replay Time


Hello, ModiFamily. It’s been awhile, or at least it feels that way.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happened since we’ve been gone:

– The site looks different. In a This-Is-Pretty-Freakin’-Awesome kind of way.

– We have started a Kickstarter campaign that allows anyone (literally, ANYONE) to design their very own personalized Modify Watch face. You can put your face on a watch face. You can put your girlfriend’s, your boyfriend’s, your passed out best friend, your business, whatever. As long as you own the image, we’ll make it a watch. We thank you in advance for your participation, because you are all awesome.

– Space Jam 2 was almost for sure most definitely happening. And then it wasn’t. A collective tear was shed amongst all NBA, Looney Toons and Wayne Knight fans born between 1985 and 1990.

– Movies won awards, and those movie stars ate pizza while winning those awards, and #selfies were snapped, and people were mostly happy with the results but some weren’t and that was basically the Oscars.

Babe Ruth’s 1923 World Series pocket watch fetched $717,000 at auction in New York City. It was purchased by an anonymous bidder via telephone. This writer’s bid of $83 was not accepted, even after he sweetened the deal with the promise of a rare, unopened limited edition Mariano Rivera Starting Lineup action figure.


– Spring Training is officially underway, which means baseball is back, back, back, back, back… Whoa. Sorry. Fell into a weird Home Run Derby trance. Anyways, baseball is back. And with it, the institution of instant replay.

Now, managers can not only publicly question umpires — a pastime nearly as old as the National Pastime itself — they can assist in the reversal of calls.

Remember poor Armando Galarraga?* Not an issue in 2014.

In the words of our Oscar-winning Mod, Al Watchino, Hoowah!

But thank Mod for Spring Training. Not only do the players get to warm up for the 162-plus game Iron Man Triathlon ahead, the umps get the opportunity to figure out the whole newfangled replay system.

Here’s how it works: If a manager doesn’t like the call on the field (unrelated to strikes and balls) he can ask to challenge said call. The umpires then saunter over to a designated communication area, put on headsets and communicate with the replay offices at MLB HQ in New York. It sounds simple, efficient and very Hoowah!, but the first go ’round? Not so Hoowah. Or efficient. Or simple.

It lasted 2-minutes, 34-seconds, a figure which was tracked on our end by brand new Blue Jays Modify Watches, in honor of the challenger, Jays’ manager John Gibbons.

But things figure to go far smoother now, and baseball is most definitely here. So enjoy Spring Training, and keep an eye out for the MLB Mods, coming very soon.



*If you don’t, here’s a brief summary: He was the Detroit Tiger who, back on June 2, 2010, had faced 26 Cleveland Indians and retired 26 Cleveland Indians before getting Indians SS Jason Donald to hit a weak grounder to Miguel Cabrera. Umpire Jim Joyce, who was tearful after the game, called Donald safe, incorrectly. Galarraga is now a minor leaguer in the Rangers organization. The second paragraph of his Wikipedia page reads, “On June 2, 2010, while playing for the Tigers, he was deprived of a perfect game by an incorrect call made by umpire Jim Joyce in the top of the ninth inning with two outs,” and the “28 Out Perfect Game” has its own Wikipedia page.


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