Opening Day-Day


At around 10:15 am, Pacific Standard Time, Francisco Liriano, left-handed starting pitcher designated as Opening Day Starter by his ballclub, the Pittsburgh Pirates, painted the outside corner against right-handed Cubs’ centerfielder, Emilio Bonafacio, and with that 91 mile-an-hour fastball, the 2014 MLB Season was officially underway, because today is Opening Day.

Or did it start last night, with the late-inning heroics of Chris Denorfia? Last night, after all, was Opening Night. And on Opening Night, the San Diego Padres beat the Los Angeles Dodgers by a count of three to one. The win pushed the Padres, predictably given the Opening Night designation applied to the aforementioned ballgame, to a record of 1-0 in 2014. And that most certainly means that the loss sent the Dodgers to a win-loss record of 0-1, right?

Wrong. They’re now 2-1. After losing on Opening Night (capitalization required, folks), the Dodgers are 2-1 because they won two of two against the Arizona Diamondbacks back on March 22, in rainy Australia, while the rest of the league enjoyed Florida/Arizona and games that didn’t count because… because… ?

If the concept of Opening Day 2014 sounds confusing, that’s because it is. Or at least it has become so. But you know what? We here at Modify don’t care. They could make it more complex than the Labrynth and we’d dive down the rabbit hole.

Major League Baseball could add Ghost Monsters, games within games within games and a mandatory Sudoku challenge (for both players and fans, no discernible motive necessary) to 2015’s Opening Day schedule and we’d still be in.

And that’s because we love baseball. And not just a little bit of it. All of it. The rhetoric, the lofty narratives, the National Anthem performances delivered by the mother of a reigning MVP, comeback stories, cotton candy, expensive beer, Farewell Tours (#162ForTheCaptain #MissYouAlreadyDerek), gaudy contract extensions, the promise of prodigal prospects, the eternal hospair*of Cubs’ fans, MASAHIRO TANAKA, etc.

And regardless of convolution, confusion or the recent endorsements made by Ronald McDonald’s across America, there is only one takeaway to be had on Opening Day, 2014: Baseball is back, baby.

What better way to honor this awesome day than by ordering a Modify MLB watch? Besides watching your favorite team back in meaningful action, we mean? You know the answer. There isn’t one.

Or at least not one that we’ve thought of.



* Hospair, for those wondering, is an emotion — no. 164 on the Periodic Table of Fan Emotion — created by spinning the preseason attitudes of Cubs fans, White Sox fans and Red Sox fans in the same machine that created Antimatter in “Angels and Demons” prior to the 2003 season. It is a cocktail of hope and despair that can only be emitted by fans deprived of World Series glory for 70 years or more. Indians’ fans are close.

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