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Lots of companies have corporate biographies online. And it makes sense that you, the consumer, might want to know something about us, the vendor/merchant/liaison/super dope maker of custom watches, prior to making a purchase.

But those corporate bios are dry. They’re overly flattering. They’re heavy on credentials and light on any information that doesn’t qualify as such. They’re informative, but they’re boring.

We hate boring. So what did we do to that model?

Stuck it in our figurative blender, added a zest of Modify, sprinkled in some love for hometown sports franchises, seasoned it with our favorite weekend activities, then (of course) heaped in some kale to make it healthy.

What we ended up with was something we like to call the ModiFiles.

Our first installment and featured team member was Erik, the 5-Tool Player. Today, we profile Michelle Mitchell, head of Modify’s Customer Experience and Operations. Or, more specifically, you know her as the Happiness Boss.

Here’s a scenario: You order a product from a company that lives on the internet. That company ships your product to you. You enjoy/dislike/take issue/want more of whatever you ordered, so you place a phone call to that company, using a number procured from the “Contact Us” page (or email them, we don’t mind. Either one works for this hypothetical).

Odds are, the person who ends up answering your phone call or email is behaving far less like a person than you were hoping. But those odds don’t reflect a sample size involving a communiqué answered by Michelle Mitchell.

That’s because the UNC-Wilmington grad seemingly cares more about the customer’s happiness than her own. If you send an email over to Modify, she’s the one responding in that timely, helpful and personal manner you’ve come to expect. If you decide to get in touch with your inner-luddite and place a phone call, it’s her voice you’ll get on the other end.

Have a problem with the product? Michelle’s got your back. Always. Every company needs a maven, and Michelle is ours.

After stints in Charlotte and Chicago, she moved to California and began working in Social Media for large companies like Visa. While she liked working on the social media side of customer service, Michelle felt more at home when she moved to a non-profit.

She was doing the same thing, but relating to the clientele more directly, and that was something she enjoyed. So it makes sense that she would thrive in an environment that not only allowed her to enhance the customer experience, but interact with customers as well.

“Any order that’s placed, I’m most likely going to be the one sending out,” said Michelle. “I do all of our customer service — any issues, questions or comments the customers have come through me. I manage our ‘Mod Of The Month Club,’ and also make sure that all of our customers are happy.”

After all, relationships are what she does. If you were to say that “anyone who works in customer service must be a people person,” you would be incorrect — see: Any company with a call center — but if you said, “anyone who excels in customer service AND makes candles in their spare time AND volunteers on the weekends must be a people person,” you would not only be correct, you would be adequately describing Michelle.

Her two dogs, Ninja and Maggie, would most likely agree (and we only say most likely because dogs can’t talk, and Modify isn’t into putting words into other… er… creature’s mouths).

As would anyone who has gotten a whiff of her craft candles. Or any of the folks she’s helped in 501(c)3 days. Or any of her fellow NASCAR fans. Or her siblings. Or her friends from UNC-Wilmington, the place she describes as “the best place in the whole world.”

They’ll confirm what we already know: Great customer service begins with a truly caring customer service representative, and no one cares about your satisfaction more than Michelle.

So, next time you email, chat, or call us at Modify, know that you are in excellent hands.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Hey Michelle…..

    A million thanks for the awesome watch and bands. Thanks for the extra band, just what I need to work around the classroom with my 20 4 yr old students. I’ll have to hide it in order to have them pay attention to our lessons and not the watch :)


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