Michael Klapthor is Modify Watches’ Second WonderRoot Artist!

Michael Klapthor - Modify Watches

Modify Watches  is happy to feature its second WonderRoot artist, Michael Klapthor!  If you missed our first WonderRoot Artist, check out Kyle Brooks. For 10 years, Michael Klapthor has been working in ceramics. His robot inspiration came from childhood favorites such as Mega Man and Astro Boy.  Why? Because “they dabbled in much bigger themes of what really makes us human. Plus, [they had] guns for arms”.

We all know that there are three types of robots: the kind that want to take over the word, the kind that box other robots, and the kind that are made of ceramic and have a twinge of sadness in their cold eyes. Here at Modify, the third kind is our new favorite.

There’s an interchangeable quality to his art that we find friendly and familiar. For Klapthor, “[c]ups and bowls became arms and legs” while here at Modify, straps and faces transform into a million Mods. After you look at this retired-too-early, rust collecting, human-like robot you may think again before putting your toaster in the trash.

“Modify, I’m waiting for my robot-sized Mod. Yellow and silver—MAKE IT HAPPEN”

Initially, we thought our Domo watch could join the ranks (Domo is Robot in Japanese!) But after further investigation, Domo turned out to be a monster that hatched from an egg .

Maybe this little guy could keep our little monster company

Another one of Klaptor’s creations, this time it’s a fox instead of a box..of metal

So congratulations Michael Klaptor for joining the ModiFamily’s featured artists. It’s a selective group and only two people have made the cut so far. We’ll look forward to your next creations!


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