Say Hello To Medusa Dollmaker


We launched another collection today with artist, Medusa Dollmaker! All of the watches in her collection are 20% off through Sunday when you enter the code MEDUSA at checkout. Shop them here! medusa-social1

Beautiful watches, right?! We asked Medusa to tell us about herself. This is what she said… “I’m Medusa Dollmaker, from Spain. I’m an illustrator, mercenary, part time gorgon and curly stuff designer. My creations usually follow that path: curly bodies, curly forms, curly softness but with a strong game in attitude and character. As I love classic tales and styles, I took some fantasy characters and gave them my own twist. I’m not happy enough if my art doesn’t depicts something in a very expressive way, soft or strong. And I love fun too!”


Medusa Dollmaker


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