Martin Hsu x Modify – Our first Artist Collaboration!


When we first discussed Modify in April 2010, one of our goals was to grow into a Threadless Model. The “big idea” was to have our community create designs for us. This has happened to some extent, with y’all telling us what colors to produce and what patterns you love (as well as what snarky names we should use…).

Well, we’ve taken the next step, and reached another major stepping stone in our growth – partnering with an amazing artist. We’re incredibly proud to introduce 3 new limited-edition designs from Martin Hsu.

Martin Hsu's 3 Modify Designs

Each one of these babies is pre-named: Rhythm Section, Propapanda and Urban Cleansing. We would have named them pencil band, dope panda and babycan’tbreathe, so we’re glad that they arrived with relevant titles :)

These are all for sale at the Modify site. We have curated a few combos that we think are great, and of course are offering bundled sets for those of you who are building a bigger Modify collection! See all Martin Hsu Mods here

Who is Martin Hsu? He’s just like us!

He loves his family and signs autographs for his 94 yr old grandpa

He has friends from other galaxies including beautiful Storm Troopers

He doesn't just geek out at Comic Con, he's had a booth there for 10 years

Martin Hsu grew up in LA, resides in SF, and is originally from Taiwan. He has worked professionally as a character designer in animation for Disney TV Animation and Nickelodeon, but currently devoting all of his time in pursuing his personal art and design.

He takes much pride in his graphic art for his own line of apparel. All designs are original ideas which came out of his sketchbook. Martin’s more than ecstatic to see these designs being applied to other exciting mediums like iPhone covers and watches.

Aside from designing digitally, Martin has invested a lot of time focusing on his fine art career. He has had the privilege to show in galleries across the nation and internationally in exhibitions for Sanrio, Hasbro, and Disney.

Martin finds inspirations in his family, nature, animals, and Hayao Miyazaki. He’s grateful for what he gets to do and hopes to keep creating unique, heartfelt, and original content for everyone.

Here is how he explains his three Modify designs

Propapanda– Inspired by endangered species such as the giant panda, Propapanda signifies a revolution in survival for all living organisms on our planet and reminds us of how delicate life is.

Urban Cleansing– Inspired by the air quality in less desired areas, a deity of the purest form cleanses the air around us. Urban Cleansing is a powerful image which reminds us of the livelihood of our environment.

Rhythm Section– Inspired by creative synergy, Rhythm Section is a whimsical design which amplifies the the fun in teamwork!

Thanks for reading! See all of the Martin Hsu x Modify Collection!

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