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March single handedly might be the most beloved month by sports fans across America. March Madness is a time where anything can happen, and where true champions are crowned. Hey, it’s better than your birthday, and every holiday rolled into one. And what better way to celebrate this tradition with none other than Modify?

Introducing March MODness , Modify’s first official tournament where, you the fans, competed to earn the right to cut down the net and have your design produced as a Mod. The committee had a tough time selecting the field but when the brackets were revealed, 32 dope designs hit the court. Designs went head to head on Facebook and Instragram, where fans could cast their votes for their favorite. The bracket was split into 4 regions: Blue Steel, Le Tigre, Magnum, and Ferrari.

Interesting regions, right?

As in any tourney, the experts, – (the ModiFamily), congregated and picked their early favorites. In the first round, Michael Carper’s design “Graphene” of the Ferrari region, came out as an early projected underdog, but won his matchup and had the most votes of anyone in the round with 140. Even though Michael Carper’s design received the most votes, Taylor Hobgood’s and Everett Steele’s matchup in Ferrari #3 drew the highest engagement with 240 total votes. The drama continued in the Magnum Region, where Nick Federico only beat Malcolm Crutchfield by only 3 votes. Aaron Firestein out of the Le Tigre was an early favorite coming out of the first round with a winning margin of 82 total votes.

After a battled-tested first round, winners advanced to compete in the $chweeeet 16. Designs were posted again in head to head matchups and fans votes were cast. Carper’s design proved its first round upset was no joke and came out with the largest victory, defeating his opponent by 42 votes. The competition was heating up as Katie Mangano squeaked out a late victory over Taylor by 4 votes in the Blue Steel Region.

Now it came to prove regional dominance as we moved into the ModLite 8. In the Le Tigre region, Rebecca Cox beat Nicholas Grimes by a mere 6 votes, and was able to cut down the net of her region. In the Blue Steel region, early favorite Amy Sabourin defeated Katie by 50 total votes, the largest victory of the round. In the Magnum region, Rebecca Cox’s other design beat out Jen Randall’s, and Michael defeated Everett to win the Ferrari region.

Michael, Amy, and two of Rebecca’s designs made it to San Francisco and undoubtedly earned their right to compete for the title. In two fierce matchups of the ModiFinal 4, Michael defeated Rebecca, and Amy knocked out Rebecca’s last design by 18 votes. In the final vote, Michael Carper (our early underdog), emerged victorious and- became our first March MODness winner. Congratulations to all participants on a battle well fought!!

As in every sporting event, the first we thank are our fans. Without you this competition wouldn’t have been possible. It’s a ModiFamily like you who help mold our brand to what it is today, and we cannot thank you enough. Below you will see our full bracket, a recap of the ModiFinal 4 and fun facts of the tournament.

ModiFinal 4  Contestant Votes:

First round

$chweeeet 16

ModLite 8

ModiFinal 4


Rebecca Cox’s Chevron






Michael Carper






Amy Sabourin






Rebecca Cox Owl






Stats & Facts:

  • Rebecca Cox had three entries make it out of the first round, and her Chevron design, which proved to be the most dominant of the three, still suffered a heartbreaking loss in the ModiFinal 4 (as did her Owl design).

  • Michael Carper had the most votes of any round in the finals with 173.

  • Everett Steele received the most votes in the $chweeeet 16 with 104

  • Average of 156 votes per matchup (Championship was the highest with 307)

  • 4,823 total votes over the two week tournament.


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