March MODness Bracket is Unveiled!

march mod bracket

March MODness is here!!! Who do you think will win Modify’s version of the big dance?? You have submitted the designs and now it’s time to vote!

mod designsThe bracket has been unveiled and includes 32 user-generated Mod designs from 23 members of our ModiFamily! Designs from Blue Steel vs Magnum regions and Le Tigre vs Ferrari will be facing off in this year’s March MODness competition.  Oh, Snap! This is gonna be good. There is some mad creativity going on and some dope designs for you to vote on. What design do you want to see on your next Modify interchangeable watch?

Official voting starts today, 3/25! What designs do you think have what it takes to go all the way? Any Cinderella’s that will keep dancing until the end? Before official voting tips off, you can make your prediction for the winning design on Modify’s Facebook Page, in the comments section. We’ll pick one person who guesses correctly to get the winning Mod for freeeee when it’s released!

You can get a good look at all 32 designs included in the bracket up close and personal here:

Let the MODness begin!

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