Birth of a Major League Soccer Watch


As far as origin stories go, the Sporting Kansas City Modify Watch’s is nothing unique… if you’re point of origin story-reference is that of a diamond’s. Otherwise, it’s pretty wild.

Let’s set the scene: The year was 2012, the month was March, Sporting Park had been open for just half a season, and Sporting Kansas City had been Sporting Kansas City for one full season.

On the north end of Sporting Park, a stadium seemingly transported from the year 2156, lies the seating section that houses The Cauldron. Who/What are/is The Cauldron*? Only one of the best, rowdiest, most loyal supporter groups in the MLS, that’s who/what.

By the end of 2011, Sporting KC was turning opponents into grass trimmings and The Cauldron was turning into one of the craziest places one could watch a soccer game on this side of the Pond.

2012 started in similar fashion. After Sporting KC beat DC United on the road for their first win, we here at Modify had an idea: What would happen if we stuck a regular ol’ watch underneath that same north end of Sporting Park, directly beneath The Cauldron, and didn’t move it until they lost?

Well, for four straight home wins, 360-plus minutes of gameplay and 39 days, we let that poor watch sit beneath the supporter section. When we retrieved what we thought would be a broken and battered watch, we were astonished at the state of the timepiece: It was unscathed, but totally altered. And on, like, a molecular level.

Instead of the off-white, sun-weathered face it had when we put it under the Cauldron, it had a gleaming white face with the Sporting Kansas City shield emblazoned in the center.

The wristband, previously brown and leather, was white as well, but lying next to both sides of the watch were three more bands: A gray one, a baby blue one AND a navy blue one.

We were shocked, and very pleased with the results of our experiment. Trying to capitalize on the moment, we immediately set out to synthesize the magic, and (drum roll please… waiting… it’s worth it… we swear…) we succeeded.

Soon to be available for your wrist’s happiness, the Sporting Kansas City Modify Watch. You’re welcome, Sporting supporters.



* That moniker was rumored to have been bestowed upon the group by Merlin himself, during the summer of 2012. Supposedly, he climbed out on stage in front of a raucous music festival crowd during the summer of 2012, with Tupac, and made this anointment. Unfortunately for Merlin, the story goes, Hologram Tupac‘s appearance broke the internet, thus preventing the other announcement from reaching the appropriate media outlets.

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