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MADGA Continues! The Mod-A-Day-Giveaway is still going strong and we are sharing the ModiLove with free swag! Remember to keep entering every day this month for more chances to pick up a dope new mod, for freeeee! Whoever said there is no such thing as free lunch might be right, but this is your chance to pick-up a new spring watch with no strings attached.

easter sundayFor today’s giveaway, we are celebrating Easter a bit early this year (in honor of the new Pope Francis and all). Meet “Easter Sunday”, Modify’s white face + turquoise silicone strap. If you are the lucky winner your new interchangeable watch might just come with a bunny, tis the season and we’re feeling festive. I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, you don’t stop the rock.

For those of you who might be new to The Wonderful World of ModZ, we asked our fabulous and fashionable ModiFans on Facebook how to describe their mods. You can take their word, Modify Watches are __________.

dope! of course!
rad. (especially the navy one)
Krazy Kool!
Wonderfully, deliciously, playfully addictive!
unlike any other!
…my favorite accessory.
very cool
Whatever you want them to be.
best thing since the toothpick!
The reason the world goes round.
The new In Thing!
the perfect accessory.
art you wear on your sleeve
Fashion Forward!!!
to “Dope” for!!
Colorful, Fashionable Timepieces.
They are awesome.

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