Any Tim Lincecum Fans Out There?

Looking for a Lincecum watch?

You’re in the right place. Tim Lincecum is a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and we made a watch out of him. 😉 In this post, I want to share some things you may or may not have heard about him.

1. What are his nicknames? How did he get them?

Tim has 3 nicknames: The Freak, Big Time Timmy Jim, and The Franchise. Anyone know why he has been called those?

Let’s start with ‘The Freak’.  Tim is 5’11’ and has one of the league’s best pitching arms. Not only can he throw a ball between 93 and 99 mph, he’s short and has a very unusual pitch.

Here’s what some people have said about his pitch:

“His windup is really weird”

“The amount of torque he produces when he throws and pushes off is almost freak like or unreal.”

“His delivery is very unorthodox, and he is the first person to ever be able to throw like that.”

Why do they call him ‘The Franchise’? Here’s what fans have said:

“He is the franchise pitcher as in the Ace of the Giants!”

“He is the best starter on the team”

They also pay him $20 million + a year. One of the league’s highest paid pitchers.

2. He cut his hair

tim lincecum hair styles

For the longest time, we’ve been watching him play with his long hair. Just recently he cut his hair. What do you think of his new ‘do’?

Here’s what fans have to say about his hair:

“It’s grown-up and adorable”

“I think I’ll miss his nice flow, but you have to admit that with shorter hair he looks like a completely different person.”

“He looks a whole lot like Joseph Gordon-Levitt now”


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