Lex Albrecht’s Coeur Jambes Esprit Watches

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In case you didn’t know, we love cyclists and cyclists love us, which is why we’ve teamed up with professional cyclist, Lex Albrecht to create custom watches. One click of that link and you’ll see just how impressive her career has been thus far. She is the current champion of Quebec, multi-time podium finisher at the Canadian National Championships and has represented Canada on several occasions at the World Championships among other prestigious events. Lex and her cycling team, Twenty16, are true members of the #ModiFamily and we’re proud to bring you the Lex Albrecht, “Coeur Jambes Esprit” Mods!

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We asked Lex to elaborate on the story behind “Coeur Jambes Esprit” and this is what she said…


COEUR. JAMBES. ESPRIT.  My most motivational and powerful message.  Often times I tape a message to my bars: COEUR JAMBES ESPRIT.  In French it means, “Heart. Legs. Soul.”  Every athlete knows that it’s absolutely essential for these 3 elements to work together in harmony.

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Lex and teammate, Alison Tetrick celebrate wins at the Sea Otter Classic Pro Road Race!

On the hardest days of training or in the final kilometers of a grueling stage race, sometimes a reminder helps keep all three in line… Looking at the message, I remind myself: “I have the strongest heart, the strongest legs, and the strongest spirit.” Then, I CRANK OUT THE WATTS. 

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