Kyle Brooks is Modify’s First Featured Artist!


Introducing our first featured Modified master of all things creative… Kyle Brooks!  Kyle Brooks is a man who “spends his time writing music, cooking toasts and making bears”. We make bears too! So who can deny this perfect match? Here at Modify, we like Brooks’ child-like perspective and relate to his interchangeable pastimes with our interchangeable watches.

If you haven’t already, check out the WonderRoot and Modify Watch collaborationWonderRoot is an Atlanta based non-profit that provides places and programs for artists in Atlanta. Twenty dollars of each Together Watch sale will be donated to WonderRoot during June. And make sure to keep an eye out for the featured artist each week this month!

Here are a few of our favorites from Brooks and our response:


Artist Description: “I heard he makes good soup.”

Our Response: Yes, but will he survive the recipe?

Kyle, Kyle Brooks y'all

Artist Description : “Sometimes in a garden…”

Our Response: We like to do this too

Artist Description: “I took them out of the box and threw them in the air…”

Modify’s Response: Is this what it would look like if we threw up our dope watch faces?


Artist Description: Wait, this isn’t one of my works (hypothetically said, of course)

Modify’s Response: Check out the Together Watch and support awesome artists like Kyle Brooks!


Our hats are off to you sir, keep reminding us that there is something beautiful in everything.

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