Juice in the City Custom Watches (or 2 men in a sea of women). Part 2: 2 men in a sea of women

The Juice in the City table at the Clever Girls CollectiveBlogHer VIP party was bumping.

Bumpin' Party, Dudes

Sean and I flew to San Diego on Thursday morning, having spent the previous few days sitting with Liz. You know we learned during that time? Packaging, packaging, packaging. We flew Southwest Airlines and didn’t check in early. So we each got middle seats. I’m thin, but at 6’2″ I was bitter.

We made it to the hotel and delivered the custom watches to Juice in the City. Then it was time for a party. I had freaked out because the theme was “Rockstar”. I normally wear t-shirts and shorts and soccer sandals, so I asked Mrs. Modify, Liz and Sean to dress me. Below was the success. Kick-butt shirt from the Zazzle ArtsProjekt; dope cowboy boots purchased in Omaha; ripped jeans that are ripped because I’m too cheap to buy new jeans. Yeah, I looked goooooooooooooooooooooood.

Sean + Aaron + Smurf = icecold

[for those of you who missed the “Icecold” link, here it is again :) ]. You’ll notice that Sean always looks like a rockstar. Thus we call him Sean-the-Intern, to lessen his self-esteem a bit.

Sean-the-Intern and Lisa-the-Rockstar

Meeting 1,000 bloggers!

What did Modify Watches learn from this event?

  1. We love bloggers!
  2. Juice in the City knows how to hold down a party
  3. Sean looks good in pink

Sean the Intern and the Juice in the City crew





  1. monkeysmama says:

    Awwww man. Love this post. Wish I was there to Juice it up with y’all!

  2. Kristine says:

    Your watch was, hands down, the best swag at the whole conference. Loved meeting you, and I love your watches!

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