Join The Movement To End Child Trafficking and Exploitation!

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Just like we participated in a charity in the past, we have partnered up with Love146 this year. This is an international organization which is working towards the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation. At the moment they have a fundraiser called ‘Tread on Trafficking’ which is running up until the 30th of June.

Those who participate are called ‘treaders’. Treaders will do something active and ask people to sponsor them. The money that is raised goes to Love146. The treaders can do any of the following: swimming, running, jogging, biking, or even just working out.

How do you participate in Tread on Trafficking?

There are three simple steps:

  1. 1. Get registered
    Register here:
  2. 2. Get sponsored
  3. 3. Get treading

To incentivize you to participate, the top 3 treaders have an opportunity to win any of the following. (Notice that ModifyWatches is giving away one of the prizes)

fixed gear bike

water resistant watch

theft resistant bike light

Will you participate? We sure hope you do. Child trafficking is just utterly disgusting and needs to be stopped.


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