Jill’s Legacy, an Advisory Board to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation – Modify’s August Together Partner


It’s that time again – time for us to announce our non-profit partner for the month of August! We are very excited to be working an incredible organization, Jill’s Legacy, an Advisory Board to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation.


The organization was named in memory of 22-year-old Jillian Costello, a college student and athlete at U.C. Berkeley who lost her battle with lung cancer in June of 2010 – just one year after being diagnosed.

Their mission is to be the driving force in significantly increasing the stagnate 15.5% survival rate of the world’s number one cancer killer – Lung Cancer.

From the organization:

Many people don’t know that Lung Cancer is the biggest cancer killer but still the least funded. It kills more people than breast, colon, liver, melanoma and kidney cancers combined. And, for every $9 spent on Breast Cancer research, $1 is spent on Lung Cancer in the U.S. Much of this is due to the stigma associated with Lung Cancer that it is a smoker’s disease. This is not the case! In fact, 80% of newly diagnosed Lung Cancer patients either never smoked or quit smoking decades ago.


Jill’s Legacy is out to BEAT Lung Cancer big time! All money raised through the groups fundraising campaigns is going directly to young researchers and Lung Cancer awareness movements.


The Jill's Legacy Board

The Jill’s Legacy Board


We’d love for you to stand Together with us this month to support Jill’s Legacy and fight Lung Cancer. We’re donating $20 from each sale of our Together face this month directly to Jill’s Legacy, as well as 25% of sales from our Turquoise strap. You can purchase yours here.


You can also donate directly to Jill’s Legacy here.

Learn more about Jill’s Legacy, and  by visiting their website, and following them on Twitter and Facebook.


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