It’s Time for March MODness!


For first time we are giving you, our loyal fans, the chance to submit your own designs for a new Mod face! Not only will the winner hold the prestigious Modness championship title, but the winning design will also be produced! Sounds like a slam dunk. It’s modness, March MODness! And it’s your turn to custom design a mod and really show your colors.

There will be 64 designs selected for the bracket and we’re giving our ModiFans the chance to select your favorites through 6 elimination rounds of voting competitions. We’ve given you the chance to vote before; you may remember the Modify 2012 Olympics. It was a great time and now we are adding to the fun by letting you call the shots on design too. Let’s get ready for some hoopla! After you’ve submitted designs, make sure to watch the games and vote so that your favorite heads to the championship round.

It’s all in the game, but before we’re ready for tip off we need your designs! The more the merrier, so get creative and submit as many designs as you like. Here are a couple game rules:

  • Keep your designs family-friendly.
  • Please do not represent political views or agendas in your art.
  • Do not use trademarked material, as that’s illegal. Original art only.
  • Submit art as .jpeg, .ai, .eps, .psd, or .pdf files.
  • Art must be submitted as a square ratio (1:1).
  • Submit art to
  • Deadline for final design submissions is 3/22.
  • Voting runs from 3/25 – 4/8 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest!

Tournament Schedule:


  • Deadline for submissions: Friday, 3/22
  • Announce bracket: Sunday, 3/24

Round 1

  • 64 designs; 4 days x 8 competitions / day: Monday, 3/25 to Thursday, 3/28
  • Announce round 1 winners + round 2 bracket: Friday, 3/29

Round 2

  • 32 designs; 2 days x 8 competitions / day: Saturday, 3/30 to Sunday, 3/31
  • Announce round 2 winners + round 3 bracket: Monday, 4/1

Round 3

  • 16 designs; 2 days x 4 competitions / day: Tuesday, 4/2 to Wednesday, 4/3
  • Announce round 3 winners + round 4 bracket: Thursday, 4/4

Round 4

  • 8 designs: 1 day x 4 competitions / day: Friday, 4/5
  • Announce round 4 winners + round 5 bracket: Saturday, 4/6

Round 5 – “ModiFinal 4″

  • 4 designs; 1 day x 2 competitions): Sunday, 4/7

Championship Vote

  • 2 designs / 1 competition: Monday, 4/8


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