Hypewheel X Modify

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We were extremely excited when former Modify team member, Devin Hexner, reached out about his new start-up called Hypewheel. Devin’s company, Hypewheel, is a disruptive advertising platform that places bold vinyl wrap advertisements on cars. The Hypewheel team expressed interest in collaborating on an advertising campaign for two days in the SF Bay Area. We jumped on the opportunity and decided to add a social media contest where people could post pictures of the cars and win free watches of their choice. On Saturday, the Hypewheel team swarmed the brand new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara at a MLS soccer game between the Seattle Sounders and San Jose Earthquakes. The car wraps were awesomely designed featuring numerous watches on all sides of the vehicles; one car was specially designed to feature the Team USA and MLS watches from our collection. Saturday was a huge success, as the Hypewheel guys drove for hours in front of thousands of fans and also handed out dozens of watches to those who engaged in our social media promotion. 6 On Sunday, the cars rolled around the streets of San Francisco. The cars drove in a convoy, targeting locations like Off the Grid food festival in the Presidio, Fisherman’s Wharf, The Embarcadero, and Union Square. Just like the day before, the Modify cars turned heads and sparked major interest. People could be heard outside the cars calling out “Whoah what are those…Modify Watches?!” 5 We were surprised with the tremendous buzz the campaign created and the spike in social media activity that resulted from the contest. To see more of the campaign, check out this short video. We’d like to give Hypewheel a huge shout out – the two day campaign far exceeded our expectations – and look forward to seeing more Hypewheel cars on the road.   CG8A8148   Learn more about Hypewheel here!!

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