Have You Seen Our Summer Collection?

summer collection

We’re busy working on our fall collection, but have you seen our summer collection?

If you become a fan of ModifyWatches on Facebook, you’ll be up to speed on all of our updates. Let’s look at each of the pieces in the Summer Collection.

1. Giraffe Face

giraffe face








We usually ask our fans to name the mod. Here are some of the names we received:

  • Afternoon Safari Delight
  • The snowy Giraffe
  • High hopes
  • Little Mod on the Serengeti

What do you think it should be named?

2. New glitter blue

blue ice














Both the face and the strap are glittery. Some of the names we received are:

  • Mystic Mountain Blueberry
  • Skinny dipping
  • Twinkle twinkle little mod
  • Summer sparkle
  • Papa Smurf

What do you think it should be named?

3. Camo face and cool mist strap

camo watch







We haven’t opened this one up for naming yet. Comment below with the name you’d like to give it. (Right now, if you join the mod of the month club, you can get both the strap and the face for 50% off)


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