Hangr 16 and Modify Trunk Show (August 9)!


It’s only taken us two years (not, Jeremy Piven, ten years, man). But we’re finally partnering with retailers. Right now we have four great partners in the SF Bay Area, and the newest, Hangr 16, is throwing a Trunk Show on our behalf! They seem to like our colorful watches. NBD.

First, a photo of some of our custom watches in their store

Hangr 16's Modify display

And now a nicely designed graphic telling you details about the event


So, what’s Hangr 16 all about? Welllllll, taking from their site

HANGR 16 is a Mission boutique carrying lines from local designers as well as fashion innovators from around the world. We have the largest selection of t-shirts in San Francisco (over 100 designs), as well as wovens, accessories, outerwear and other standout pieces for guys and gals. Our Mission: bring a fast turning selection of the best apparel to a neighborhood boutique.

Why should you attend the Hangr 16 Modify Watches Trunk Show?

  • Great products from local brands like PACT, Proof, Revl, and others (see a complete list here)
  • Great music from DJ Loric
  • Great drinks and snacks
  • Great (sorry, really great) sneak preview into the Hangr 16 Fall collection
  • First opportunity to see the new Martin Hsu + Modify collabo!

Yep. These bad boys will be on sale for the first time at the Hangr 16 event!


So, this Thursday, get on the train and say, “Mr. Conductor, 16th and Valencia plllllllllease”.


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