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Many of our ModiFamily members put time in every day to fight for a cause they truly believe in. We want to start recognizing all of their noble work by featuring their stories on our blog. If you are a ModiFamily member who works, volunteers or supports a positive cause reach out to us on social with #ModifyTheWorld. We’d love to feature your story.

This week’s #ModifyTheWorld guest blog is from Katie DiMartino who works with the Great Dane Club of Louisiana….


Hello Modify Watches! I’m Kate Di Martino, a Board Member of the non-profit organization Great Dane Club of Louisiana. Most of our club members show their Great Danes at various AKC dog shows through the year, and across the country. Some of our members also Judge Great Danes at AKC dog shows. Throughout the year the club participates in educational programs including the LSU Veterinary School open house, an important educational and fun event where we get to show off our Danes, talk to the public about the breed, and provide them with information on adopting and owning Great Danes.

The GDCLA holds an annual raffle during our specialty dog show at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner Louisiana.  My primary focus in the past has been as Show Chairman of our Specialty Event. This year I have concentrated on gathering donations / raffle items from businesses. While it takes time and determination to gather raffle items it is extremely rewarding, especially knowing it’s for a great cause. The items donated for the raffle vary; bags of dog food, gift certificates from assorted restaurants, gift baskets full of goodies for dogs and for people, t-shirts & hats for local sports teams, and a highlight of our raffle the last couple of years are watches donated by Modify Watches!

This annual raffle supports our Great Dane rescue program which is run by a member of our club. Our rescue program feeds, shelters, and gives any necessary vet care to Great Danes in need until a permanent home can be found for them.  In the past five months twenty-eight Great Danes have been taken into rescue. Most of them have been placed in permanent homes. At this time we have six adult Danes in rescue, and 4 puppies on the way to the rescue. One of the puppies is deaf, and we already have a home for waiting for her. All of the Danes are spayed and neutered before they are adopted.  I have included some pictures and profiles of a couple of the Great Danes in our Rescue program.

The following dogs are in Quitman, Mississippi and are available for adoption right now:


Missy is the sweetheart that was seized by law enforcement.  She had been nailed in a wooden box with no food or water for an extended period.  She was close to death.  As you can see she has made a full recovery.  Her young age was part of her salvation as were the officers that rescued her.  My 6 year old Granddaughter, Emmalee, has spent hours and hours with Missy and will tell you how wonderful Missy is.  Emmalee has a Great Dane of her own and understands “rescue” is not about keeping them all but getting the best homes for each of them.  That is what Missy is waiting for right now.


Ella is about 2 years old. She has been very gentle here with no aggression towards dogs or cats. She is a large girl but so very sweet.

Me, in my role as Show Chairman. Pictured is a Harlequin Great Dane named Druid:

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  1. Kate DiM. says:

    Thanks to Modify Watches for all of your support of the Great Dane Club of Louisiana over the last couple of years!! It means the world to us to have such an awesome business supporting our club!

  2. Paula says:

    Thank you for supporting Kate, and her efforts for the Great Dane Club of Louisiana and Great Dane rescue!!

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