Goodbye Michelle and Erik (FROWNY FACE)

Michelle and Erik going-away lunch

This has been a strange week for the Modify team. Michelle, who’s been with us for 2 years and Erik who has been with us for one year, are both leaving. Under good circumstances (they have *awesome* opportunities), but still … we’re going to miss those two.

photo 5

Michelle has served as our Happiness Boss. So many of our ModiFamily members know her because of her dedication to bringing smiles to everyone’s face. Among other things, she

  • Started our WOW Wall, putting our customer reviews public
  • Managed our Watch of the Month Club (AKA the “MOTMC”)
  • Packaged, like 5,000 customer orders
  • Taught us all the value of dogs + glitter + Hanson (note: we didn’t listen)

Now, Erik? That guy started as Modify’s Five Tool Player. And since then he’s moved into an Operations role. He

  • Was the first person to assemble one of our custom watches on site
  • Sold the biggest account for our new MLB Watches.
  • Kept the office clean. Seriously, the dude is a neat-freak.
  • Wore shorts. Every day.

We wanted to thank them, but we aren’t great at gifting, so we did things that we would have wanted (A massage and moola to Starbucks for Michelle; Baseball tickets and moola to Bonobos for Erik – dude’s gotta dress like an adult now!).
6 5

And, that’s all folks. We’re still here. We’re going to take what we learned from these two and keep getting better.



P.S. Daniel already moved in on your sweet desk location, Michelle

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  1. Kate DiM says:

    Michelle and Eric y’all are awesome, and have been amazing to this lil ole customer from New Orleans!!! I’m going to miss you both but I’ll always remember the absolutely amazing customer service. I wish you the very best in everything you do!

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