Gold Mod-al Match-up! The Battle of 1776 Take-2


Congratulations to all of our contestants. We know that it’s been an intense four years of training. You’ve had to sew together flags, make sure your colors don’t clash and floss daily – gotta get that smile sparklin’.
But you’ve also had some great moments too. Eating a lot of carbs. Training while listening to Jock Jams. Hanging out with models every. single. day.
So while some of you got absolutely smoked – looking at you, Australia and Canada and Papua New Guinea – some of you really impressed us with your panache (Brazil!) and your ballot stuffing (Nigeria!).
Well, it’s time for the medal round
Bronze Medal Battle
And last but not least, the Finals. The winner will receive
  • The moniker as the world’s “Main Squeeze”
  • A laurel, and hearty handshake
  • Two, count ’em TWO, islands in order to boost its tourism industry
  • 1 Mod of the Month Club membership for 3-months 😉
  • We’re going to add a 27th letter to the alphabet and the winning country gets to declare it
Going for Gold

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