How does the typical Good Morning America viewer like their Modify?

My name is Joe GMA, and I likely live in California or texas.

As you likely saw on our Facebook page, Twitter feed or morse code signals we’ve been sending out from the Modify HQ (the ModCave), we were featured on Good Morning America as a recommended gift for Christmas.  Thanks to the Oprah-esque power of GMA, we fielded over 550 orders in less than 36 hours and things got a little crazy at Modify HQ (check out the “Steals and Deals and Modify Watches” blog to get a better taste of crazy).

Hot Cocoa was the only way to celebrate after 500+ shipments

Since we’re always trying to learn more about our customers, we thought it’d be fun to take a look into the data to see some stats from two days on GMA.   So here’s a little data to answer the question on everyone’s mind: “How does the typical Good Morning American like their Modify?” First of all, the average order was for 2.0 straps and 1.6 faces for 3.6 pieces in total, possibly indicating that people tend to prefer to mix straps more than the faces.  However, since the average family has something like 2.3 kids, it could also be that the extra 0.6 of a face was for the 0.3 of a kid.  That’s REAL math. The first thing we were curious about was finding out where all of these new (and some long-time) Modifiers were from.  We had visits from all around the world including, Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines and Ukraine (to name a few), but by far the most traffic came from the States.  And here’s an actual heat map breakdown:

If you're both a GMA fan and a Modifier, you're likely living in California, Texas or New York. So what you're really telling us is that you're not all that different from the rest of America.

In analyzing the most popular faces, we saw the following:

There was a battle waged between Classic and Mini, but it's too hard to see who won.

As you can see – people were instantly addicted to the black face.  In fact, the black classic face was by far the most popular – so much so that we sold out of it (temporarily).  As a whole, the Classic outsold the Mini, but the Mini outsold the Classic in more colors.  Also interesting was the purple was the favorite of all the polka dots. When we took a peek at strap orders, we saw a similar pattern: huge sales of Classic black faces with grey a close second, but the Mini outselling the Classic in more colors.  Clearly there is some correlation with the face data:

It turns out that some people just aren't the brown strap type.

What’s the moral of the story?  Just like Hansel, black is so hot right now. Black.

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