Fresh Watches: Why Modify Watches are the Freshest Watches in Town

Modify Watches - Fresh Watches

When you think of the word fresh, you immediately think of three things: Fresh Prince of Bel Air, fresh fruit and the freshest watches town, Modify Watches.  Some people think of Subway’s “Eat Fresh!” campaign, but we’re not some people.  We’re Modify Watches.

So why do we care about fresh watches?  It’s in our DNA.  You can’t be Fashionable, Flexible, Modifable and Dope without also being Fresh.  It’s just that we didn’t want to say “Freshable.”

Why are we all about cranking out fresh watches?  Because they’re not only fun to make, but our ModiFamily demands it!  If you’ve been hiding out reading the last of the Harry Potter series and missing out on all the fun, we launched Modify 2.0 none-to-long-ago…. and they’re GLORIOUS!  Not only are they a build your own watch, they come in two sizes, are water and scratch resistant, look delicious on any wrist and have a plethora of hot designs from our core series to our licensed series that include a Brian Wilson watch, Derek Jeter watch, and some new not-yet-released designs on the way.  You can learn more about these designs as they come out on our Facebook page or by following Aaron’s musings on Twitter (@ModifyWatches).

Lastly, we’re the BOSS of fresh watches because we’ve been naming our watches since the day Modify was born.  We’ve made a rule that we’ll change the names of our each watch, only if you can think of something better than us.  Try it out on our Facebook page.

At Modify Watches - we name our watches... and so do you. The key is you have to be more creative than us to name a watch. How hard can that be? Well, find us on Facebook and find out.

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