Will you be our Modentine?

Sometimes life and love can be very confusing.  Other times it's very clear.   Get him/her a Modify.  Eat the candy yourself.

Valentine’s Day can be a confusing time for romantic gift givers.  The heart says, “you can’t buy love”, while the significant other says, “Maybe, but you better buy SOMETHING!”.  So you have to get something.  But chocolates are lame, flowers taste like dirt, Hallmark cards are boring and you should have given him/her the waffles/underwear/season-tickets/ant-farm for Christmas instead of that dustbuster/SlapChop/cheeseburger you picked up last minute.

Here at Modify Watches, we understand this little romantic pickle.  Which is why we think you should make it a Modentine’s Day and get your boo/shnookums/love-bug/noodle/shmoopshmoop a Modify.   A Modify not only won’t make your lover fat, but it will also make them look awesome.  Everybody wins.  The fact is, every man, woman or child loves fresh watches. EVERYBODY.  Especially fresh interchangeable watches.

Need extra incentive?  Okay – use the code “MODENTINE” and get 20% off.  Go here. Go now. Go often.


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