Feeling Fun and Lightening Up Your Outfit


Here at Modify, we make a habit of including customers in our daily routine.  Whether voting for new watch designs, hosting amazing selling parties, or guest writing on our blog, we’re all about it.

To that last point, here’s a quick blurb from Taylor Fuller – a real-life Modify fan, New Yorker, and kindred spirit of all things Fashion.  Enjoy!


Modify Watches gives their customers an opportunity to customize a wonderful accessory. I try to wear a watch every day; I find that looking down at my phone for the time is sad when designers make such gorgeous watches. Enter Modify—for those days when I’m feeling fun or want to lighten up my outfit. I have two bands, a white and a navy blue and they both work flawlessly with the watch face I chose.

The company has the greatest customer service—they send a hand written note in each of their packages. Speaking of which, I think that they have the best packaging I’ve seen in awhile. They put love into each purchase that their customers make and that is what makes a fantastic company.

Head on over to Whiskey Ginger to see how else I plan to style these watches!


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