“Favorite” Mod Design in the World? Time to Decide!

July and August Madness!

After more than 1,000 votes, the play-in round is over and our ModiFamily has spoken! We have our 16 final country designs and we’re ready to kick off the next stage of our tournament. (Nope, it’s not quite as exciting as an opening ceremony, but at least YOU get to participate!)

If you missed the play-in round, check out USA vs. The Rest of the World. Did your favorites make the cut?

The ModiFamily chose these 16 designs (except Spain – they didn’t like it so much)


The USA received a bye (hellooooooo #1 seed) and Spain didn’t quite make the cut with the “winning design” only receiving 51% of the votes. The most likely of the designs to be produced is the England face with 95% of the vote and highest number of total votes (87)!

Other Interesting Play-In Round Results:

Total votes: 1,062 (74% of votes were from Facebook; 26% on Instagram)

Average votes per country: 66 (England was the highest with 87; S. Korea was the lowest with 44)

Facebook vs. Instagram: our ModiFamily across Facebook and Instagram agreed on all designs except Brazil, Canada, S. Korea and Spain

Ties: S. Korea on Instagram (5 to 5; the Facebook audience broke the tie)

Potential for production: England (95% of vote and 87 total votes)

We ranked the designs based on the percentage of the votes in their individual competitions and created our tournament bracket (below). For the next rounds, we’ll put country against country and you’ll be able to vote for your favorite on Facebook and Instragram to ensure they make it to the championship round and make your case for which should get produced).

July and August Madness!

Voting Schedule:

Round 1 (Sweet 16): Saturday, 7/28 to Wednesday, 8/1

Announce the Elite 8 Countries: Friday, 8/3

Round 2 (Elite 8): Saturday, 8/4 to Monday, 8/6

Announce the Final 4: Wednesday, 8/8

Round 3 (Final 4): Thursday, 8/9

Championship Round: Friday, 8/10 to Sunday, 8/12

Announce the winner (and Mods to be produced): Monday, 8/13


Get Excited, tune in, and choose the winner.

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  1. Craig says:

    While Spain is out of this competition, you could still consider selling the face, but as a soccer/football promotion. Spain won the European Championship in 2008, then the World Cup in 2010, and then the European Championship in 2012. So they have won the last three big soccer championships in the world.

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