Introducing The Prism – Your Fan Design Competition Winner


Brandon Ortwein has been a ModiFamily Member since late 2011 when he bought his first set of MODs for Christmas. He has always been looking for ways to support the Modify brand and enjoys randomly Photoshopping Aaron into Time Magazine Covers.  As well as finding unique ways to “recycle” the Modify Watches packaging by using it to hold his ear buds.


His winning design, “Prism” was the result of a personal design experiment in the graphics program Illustrator. While working in the program, he overlapped numerous angular shapes with color gradients to create interesting color blends. The end result of this experiment was a wonderful blend of color and graphic shapes.

Brandon is a fine-arts graduate from Longwood College with a BFA in Graphic Design. He grew up on the US East Coast but is now hailing from the US counter-culture stronghold of Austin, Texas. Brandon is currently employed with a Major Golf Retailer and enjoys designing products and packaging for their large assortment of proprietary brands. When not hanging out with this wife, and daughter, he enjoys drawing (especially coffee mugs) and designing t-shirts.


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