Modify Partners with the Exergy TWENTY12 Professional Cycling Team

Exergy 2012 Team - Sponsored by Modify Watches

Modify Watches is excited to announce that it is partnering  with the Exergy Twenty12 Women’s Professional Cycling Team.  The Exergy TWENTY12 team is composed of 16 kick-ass cyclists from around the world, led by by 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist and 2009 World Time Trial Champion Kristin Armstrong.

Does your brand stand for top athletes who absolutely crush it?  Modify does.  It turns out that fresh watches are perfect for elite cyclists.  And we don’t mind one bit.

Modify’s sports watches will be on the wrists and in the lives of the Exergy team as they ride around the world to compete professionally at the highest level.   We will keep you posted in the near future on their successes and are pretty positive that the Modify mojo will keep them riding strong.

Also! If you’re inspired, please learn these cycling rules of the road.

Go Exergy!


  1. betsy says:

    I broke a sweat just reading this. Go Exergy + Modify!

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