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It’s official. Aaron has been kitted out with some awesome cycling gear. ENGVT Cycling gear, to be sure.

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Do I look great? Yes. Would I look ridiculous if I didn’t have matching socks for my jersey? Yes. Would I look a bit more professional if I put the jersey on correctly? Probably (not sure if the overalls part goes above or below).

We’ve been meeting more and more cycling folks, and through the wonderful world of Twitter (and a friend Mark, who has an awesome custom-wallets company called Thinfolio), we met Jerry Chabot (aka “@closethedoor” on Twitter). Jerry backs the ENGVT cycling team. Check ’em out on their Facebook page right here.

Ayo and I spent a bunch of time chatting with Jerry of late. We sent him a few watches and, in exchange, he sent us this awesome cycling kit. The only thing I did was add one of our new Mods. What’s next? Well, we’re working on creating a custom watch for ENGVT too.

In the meantime, I’m going to try to get Ayo to put on the jersey. In true startup fashion, I wanted to mock it up. I think he’ll be game …


So, what’s next for us in the world of cycling? Well, we’re working hard on a Kickstarter campaign which will launch February 18. Part of that campaign revolves around creating custom watches for different groups. And ENGVT will hopefully be one of our first test partners.

We’ve had a lot of discussions with our fans about customization, and some of the ideas that have been thrown out are below

  • Weddings / groomsmen gifts / bridesmaid gifts
  • Small teams at big companies (after all, we’ve worked on custom swag for Google, Nike, Sega and plenty of other big guys)
  • Small companies
  • Softball teams
  • Hilarious joke watches. Like writing “to get here” on the watch face, so that the next time someone asks you “why did the Chicken cross the road?” [note: capital-C Chicken] you can hand that person some binoculars, run across the street, and hold up your watch
  • Your social security number
  • (don’t do that last one)

Anyway, what does this have to do with the ENGVT cycling team? Kind of everything. They’re one of those groups that naturally inspires you. So, a salute to Jerry and the guys. Thanks for getting me looking great. I just gotta find a bike now …

In conclusion, someone send me a bike. And root for the ENGVT squad!!


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