Earning Employee of the Month after 3 hours in the office


We have a new intern, Matt Breitenbach. He’s a sophomore at Miami of Ohio (The Miami of Ohio University). And within 3 hours of starting at Modify, he earned our employee of the month award. Why? A few reasons, which we think will help anyone in their career.

1)  He jumped right in and not only wrote two articles, but also performed Quality Control work across all of our new designs.

2)  He’d shown incredible passion for the brand over the past few years and even in the weeks leading up to his start-date.

– Matt is one of our most active participants on Modify’s Facebook page. He’s voted for designs, recommended names for products, even caught a few bugs on our website.
– And in the past few months while prepping for his internship, Matt has invested serious time learning about the fun world of custom products. He’s studied the difference between cool custom product companies (e.g. Thinfolio, Timbuk2, Chocri, etc.) and platforms (e.g. RedBubble, Zazzle and CafePress).

3)  We hadn’t given the trophy to anyone in months. It was sitting on a shelf. We thought it would be funny. And we had a camera to take a picture of him.

Anyone else interested in working for Modify? We are starting to recruit for a few open positions. If you’re interested, just email aaron_at_modifywatches.com

1)  Writers! Tell the Modify story and also dig deep into the customization space

2)  Happiness Interns – help us bring smiles to customers’ faces. Work from our office, fulfill orders, pick up the phone and learn from our fans how we can do better

Oh, and congratulations Matt — you’ve made Cleveland proud!


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  1. This is how I feel after attaining this honor:

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