Don’t Do This When Asking Someone Out On A Date

Don't Do This When Asking Someone Out On A Date

The number one reason that someone is not asked out on a date is fear of rejection. That uncomfortable feeling when you ask someone out and they say no. You may work with them, go to school with them or see them on a regular basis. That makes it all the more uncomfortable. There is a big risk that the other person can say no. However, avoiding doing certain things will increase the likelihood that the other person will say yes.

Saying and doing the right thing doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be simple. So, let’s look at how you can increase your chances of success.

Don’t ask her out without knowing why

If you look at her and can’t breathe, if you can’t stand going another day without getting to know her better, if you feel she gets you, then go with that feeling. There may be a million different reasons. Pick the one that you can say without sounding hokey.

Don’t ask her out without practicing first

Be genuine, but think about what you are going to say first.

Don’t ask her out without being ready

Have some options available when she says yes. Come up with some cool ideas and ask her if she wants to do them.

Don’t use a pickup line

They almost never work, and they are sure to get her to shut down immediately. Just be yourself. Start a conversation naturally.

Don’t pressure her

If she is not sure, be persistent, but know when to back off. No one wants to feel forced to go out with you.

Don’t ask at the wrong time

If she says her mom just died, her car was totaled or something else that’s awful, that is NOT the best time to ask her out.

Don’t wait for the perfect time

While some times are better than others, if you wait for the perfect time, you may never ask her out.

Don’t ask her out in front of other people

Maybe her friends don’t like you, but she does. Don’t let peer pressure jade you out of that date.

Don’t drink

Some drink to build up their confidence. But honestly, it just makes you look like an arse. Be sober and ask her out. Be real.

Don’t dress like a homeless man

Depending on how much you like this woman, clean up your look a little. You don’t have to change who you are, just wear clothes that flatter you. If you look good, it subconsciously boosts your confidence, which really turns a woman on. Get a watch too. Watches make a man look professional. The right watch will make you look wealthy and successful too. You can get more than one, change them up and look like a sugar daddy without spending too much dough. Start shopping now to class up your look – and pick something out for your first date!

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