Did You Play GoldenEye Back In The Day?


Did you play GoldenEye back in the day?

Nintendo 64 was the riot and every teenager at the time ‘had’ to have one. Taco Bell was giving away free Nintendos and I remember wishing that my next meal there would be the lucky winner. I ended up not getting one til Christmas that year.

GoldenEye didn’t come out during the Christmas season, but rather a few days after. I was blessed to have amazing parents who were willing to get me a copy. Looking back, they probably regretted getting it for me. Can you relate to this?

The campaign mode was extremely difficult. So much so that I bought a guide that gave me cheats to find on every level. Did you buy a cheat book as well?

Multiplayer was addicting. If you had a Nintendo and GoldenEye, you were like instantly popular. (More like being used, haha) Did you invite your friends over to play multiplayer? We loved to play ‘the golden gun’ setting. This made it so there was only one golden gun on the map and whoever had it could kill another player with one shot.

I remember the first time I played against an Odd Job. He was shorter and almost impossible to kill. Then everyone wanted to play as Odd Job. LOL!

It’s always fun to reminiscence old experiences. We loved GoldenEye so much that we even made a watch after it! Check it out.

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